Naama Ben-Dor

Naama Ben-Dor is a Ph.D. student in the Learning Sciences at The Technion – Israel’s Institute of Technology, at the Faculty of Education in Technology and Science.  She holds a B.Sc. in Information Systems as well as a B.A in Mathematics Education (Summa cum laude) from the Technion. She also holds an M.A (Magna cum laude) in Translation and Interpreting studies from Bar-Ilan University. Naama is interested in dialogic learning from a commognitive perspective. Her Exploratory Research (supplementing a thesis) at The Technion focused on dialogic aspects in the process of endorsing narratives related to mathematics in the space of authoring learning identity. Her doctoral study focuses on students’ dialogic engagement, that is, students’ interest in different perspectives and attempts to understand them in depth. Naama uses a disciplinary commognitive lens which enables the exploration of dialogic engagement as an integral part of learning processes within disciplines such as mathematics. In this way, Naama hopes to bridge the gap between two educational approaches: dialogic approach with the objective of educating to dialogic engagement; and mainstream approach with the objective of teaching students disciplinary knowledge. The employed unique disciplinary approach will hopefully encourage teachers to teach in ways which support not only students’ disciplinary learning but also their dialogic engagement – a valuable skill, both to individuals and democratic societies at large.

Naama serves as a teaching assistant in different courses of the faculty. She taught mathematics as part of a program for youth gifted in mathematics at the Israel Center for the Advancement of Mathematical Sciences, as well as at The Virtual High School as part of a program providing solutions to schools from all sectors, unable to offer their students Advanced Matriculation classes in Mathematics. Naama also worked with math teachers towards implementation of Khan Academy math videos in their lessons, as well as served as a consultant at the Center for Promotion of Learning and Teaching in Tel Aviv University. Previously, she worked as an Information Systems manager, and translated several books into Hebrew.


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