Rinat Baor


Rinat Baor is  PhD student pre-proposal at the department of Education in Science and Technology, The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Rinat graduated in 2012 M.A. in Math Education (Cum Laude) Tel Aviv University. The research studied basics of algebra “Growing patterns: creation and judgment among second grade pupils”.

In 2002 she graduated Special Education- Eds, (Cum Laude) and in 2004 Diagnosing Learning Disabilities, Kibbutzim College, Tel-Aviv.

Rinat is a Math teacher and instructor in Elementary School and leading math learning for Professional Development since 2012.

Rinat has a learning space at the site: https://www.pinterest.com/baor0573/ where she collects visual materials to encourage investigative and experiential learning. You are welcome to look at the site to follow and share.

Contact: rinatbaor@gmail.com

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